About Us

Hextag is a Web and User Interface Design studio based in the sunny island of Malta, focusing on innovation and new technologies.
We are a nimble team of designers and developers that have been creating solutions for the web for quite a while, but that doesn't really matter much to us. We simply thrive to never stop learning whilst focus on building digital experiences that people love.

At Hextag we are driven by the idea of quality craftsmanship in all that we do, each pixel refined, each line of code considered. Having a small structure but best in market knowledge, we deliver competitive internet services balancing creativity, innovation and business understanding.

To Keep it short we are awesome!

Mr Awesome




We are obsessed with beautiful digital experiences, putting the user at the centre of everything we make. Creativity starts with understanding the context of the design challenge and only then can one deliver an exceptional graphical experience.


UI/UX Develop-

A user interface is the place where user's needs are met, missed or exceeded beyond expectation. We believe that the best user interfaces strive for simplicity. Fewer steps to take, fewer concepts to learn and a minified congnitive load are key in hiding the underlying complexity of the product or service from the customer.


Wordpress Integra-

Truth be told we simply love Wordpress and like to think of ourselves as specialists in the creation of Wordpress driven websites. We firmly believe Wordpress is the best Content Management System around which just means it's easy for you or your clients to manage content.


HTML Develop-

We are experts at implementing complex internet services using combinations of the latest emerging web techonologies. Namely HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery for mobile and web app designs.


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or send us an email on info@hextag.net